Sectors That We Work In

These are the main sectors that we currently work in. We are open to conversations if yours is not here... Please get in touch

What does Abacus offer you?

• Competitive weekly margin of £15.00    
• Easy online secure start up
• Out of hours services via email, text, or phone.
• All relevant insurance cover included, including 10 million Public Liability 
• HMRC-compliant payments are made every Friday by 9.30 am.* This is subject to your agency. 
• 24/7/365 access to an online portal so they can download any related documents as required.  
• We are accredited through Professional passport, giving you peace of mind you’re signing up with a legitimate, compliant umbrella company 
• Friendly, real life people to speak to!!! No bots over here!!

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What’s the benefit for an Agency using an umbrella company?

We are trusted by some of the UK’s most well-known recruitment agencies to provide payroll solutions to save you time enabling you to concentrate on your job in hand.

Abacus understands you, the agency want an umbrella company that is totally transparent, trustworthy, reliable and delivers when they say they will.

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Umbrella companies take the hassle out your in-house payroll tasks freeing up more time for what you need to concentrate on.

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Enable your contractors to gain access to statutory benefits by becoming a permanent employee. 

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Umbrella companies are responsible for all contractor’s pension enrolments so you don’t have to.


What’s the benefit for a contractor using an umbrella company?

We take great pride in being a personable Umbrella, to us you are more than just a number. We show care and compassion to each and every contractor so you feel valued and heard as you would being any other employee. 

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Permanent employee

When you sign up with an Umbrella company you are deemed as employed. This gives you the right to receive all statutory benefits as any employee, including, SSP, maternity/paternity pay and pension.

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As a temporary contractor you are in control of what assignments you wish to pick and choose. 

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No end of year self assessment

All your Tax and NI and any other required deduction is paid every week though the Umbrella. 


Our Effective Onboarding Process

Our process is simple yet effective.
Onboarding with Abacus Umbrella is seamless - getting you working to being paid quickly.


Documentation and Compliance

Provide the candidate with all necessary documentation, including employment contracts, tax forms, and other onboarding paperwork.


Connect with Agency

Abacus will contact your agency on your behalf to complete any compliance requests.


Ongoing Support and Communication

Establish a system for ongoing support, addressing any questions or concerns the candidate may have during their onboarding period.

What Our Clients Says

Here, you'll find real stories from real people just like you who have experienced the difference Abacus Umbrella can make. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, and hearing their voices is the best way to understand how we're doing and how we can continue to improve.

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Approved Mental Health Professional

“I've had the pleasure of using Abacus Umbrella for my contracting needs, and I must say, their service is unparalleled.  Their professionalism shines through in their tax-efficient solutions, fully compliant with HMRC regulations. I highly recommend Abacus Umbrella to anyone in search of a reliable, professional umbrella company that truly understands the value of customer service.”

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“Abacus team are so efficient and helpful. Ì have used them   for around 2 years after feeling let down by other umbrella companies. I applied for a mortgage last year with them supporting me with the stressful process in a seamless way. I can always contact them quickly. I would highly recommend their service as a stress free solution when working self employed.”

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“I have been using Abacus Umbrella for almost two years, they have been incredibly reliable, respond almost immediately to emails and requests, very easy and effortless on my part in regards to them processing my money each week, could not be more grateful to them.”

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O. Baublyte


“I would like to share a quick note how happy I am being with Abacus. You guys do a really good job and I’m so glad I decided to switch to you as since then I’ve never had any problems with payments and needed support.”

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N. Jenkinson

Recuitment Agency

“Happy to partner with Abacus Umbrella, very efficient & my candidates have no issues which is vital to our business. Very Professional, I have no hesitation recommending a trusted partner”