Our Effective Onboarding Process

Our process is simple yet effective.
Onboarding with Abacus Umbrella is seamless - getting you working to being paid quickly.


Documentation and Compliance

Provide the candidate with all necessary documentation, including employment contracts, tax forms, and other onboarding paperwork.


Introduction to Systems and Processes

Familiarize the candidate with the umbrella company's internal systems, tools, and processes. This includes timekeeping, expense reporting, and any other platforms used for project management or communication.


Ongoing Support and Communication

Establish a system for ongoing support, addressing any questions or concerns the candidate may have during their onboarding period.

What We Do

We Are Specialized in This Features

We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, and we constantly improve and update our features to meet your changing demands and requirements.

Competitor Research

How to understand and anticipate your competitors’ moves and actions, and develop effective counter-strategies and tactics to outsmart them.

Client Centric Approach

The principles and techniques for building and maintaining strong and lasting relationships with your clients, and earning their trust and loyalty.

Expert Consulting

How to showcase your expertise and credibility as a consultant, and demonstrate your value and impact to your clients and stakeholders.

Workflow Optimization

How to design and implement a workflow and process improvement plan, and monitor and measure its results and outcomes.

We’ve Worked With Some of the Best People in the Business and Helped Them Reach

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