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Umbrella for Agencies


Abacus Umbrella are proud to be a Professional passport approved umbrella company. We have also teamed up with We have teamed up with My Digital accounts to ensure we are fully compliant. 
We take great care in forming a strong relationship between our contractors and agencies and aim to deliver a simple and easy to use payroll solution for you and your contractors.

We provide Umbrella solutions for agencies across the board. We pride ourselves in paying contractors on time every time. Each contractor has access to a secure online portal available 24/7 for access to their employment record and to complete any tasks (entering timesheets, requesting leave ect).

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Umbrella for Contractors

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Umbrella for Contractors

Abacus Umbrella is a payroll company that acts as your employer on behalf of your agency. This enables you to work on fixed-term contracts without having the hassle of changing your payroll provider every time you switch jobs. We serve as an intermediary between you, the contractor and your end client or agency. Your agency pay us, we deduct your NI and TAX and pay you. 

Umbrella for Contractors 

When you join up with Abacus Umbrella you have have the added benefit of our generous rewards scheme where you'll receive discounts on hundreds retailers, including fuel, wellbeing, weekly shopping and much more.

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Workplace Pensions

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By law we have to automatically enrol you into a pension scheme. (you are able to opt out if you do not wish to enter the scheme)

Having done alot of homework to find the right pension provider to work alongside Abacus Umbrella. We have found the perfect partner in Smart Pensions. They have a reputation for being one of the best on the market with a fast, easy, secure set up and some of the most experienced advisors in the industry to help with any enquiries. 

Take a little look at their website.

Setting up a pension with Smart Pensions couldn't be easier. Smart Pension will set you up with your own account which you can log into at any time. 

Smart speaker integration Smart has already developed its Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration – two more ways for members to access their Smart Pension account. Simple voice commands become a complete, quick and efficient way for members to check on and update their pension.

Take a look at the brochure for a guide to running your smart pension.

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